Proportional & non-proportional constant amplitude (LCF, MCF, HCF, VHCF); Variable amplitude and damage accumulation; Gigacycle fatigue; Thermal fatigue and creep; Contact and fretting fatigue.


Fracture Mechanics


Initiation and short crack growth; Mixed mode behavior; Multiaxial fracture.




All the materials are concerned: Metallic; Non-metallic; Composites; Defects and inhomogeneities; Constitutive modelling; Damage mechanics.


Testing and applications


Design (notches and stress concentrations); Joined structures; Residual stresses; Case studies; Virtual simulation; Experimental verification; in-situ experiments.


Please pay attention that fracture under mixed modes is in the field of this conference even without cyclic loading. Furthermore, papers dealing with fatigue under uniaxial macroscopic loading can be proposed provided that a multiaxial approach is employed. For instance, the modeling studies dealing with microstructure and fatigue often show that, even if a remote uniaxial loading is applied, the local stress state is seldom uniaxial. The idea is hence to promote the “multiaxial way of dealing with fatigue issue” regardless of the loading applied.